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Wearing a KN95 Face Mask is one of the preventive measures to limit the spread of certain respiratory diseases including Covid-19, in affected areas.

You Must Have Seen The Mandatory Mask Signs Saying

Face Mask
Required By Law

As many states start to open back up, most of them have made it mandatory for people to wear protective masks while in public.

Anyone Not Wearing A Mask May Be Denied Entry Into Establishments Including

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Maximum Coverage & Protection

KN95 Face Mask

The gold-standard in PPE, the KN95 mask with the adjustable nose clip offers complete nose & mouth coverage, offering maximum protection in the current times when stepping out. With 95% filtration guarantee it protects against infections caused by airborne bacteria, viruses, dust, pollutants & more.


  • Guaranteed

  • Guaranteed

  • Maximum

Filters 95% Particles Up To 0.3 Microns

FDA Registered For Safety & Efficacy

The KN95 Face Mask not only prevents exposure to the deadly infection but also prevents its spread & transmission.

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Protection + Comfort

KN95 Face Mask Features

The KN95 Face Mask's features is what has made it the trusted source for
protection in the current scenario.

Comfortable &
Ear Straps



Soft &
Cotton Fabric

Advanced Protection From

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Pathogens
  • Microbe
  • Dust
  • Pollutants

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How KN95 Mask Works

4 Layers For
Enhanced Protection

Layer-by-layer filtration makes filtering out particles across a
wide range of sizes more efficient.

  • Non-Woven Fabric Layer

    Filters large particles including droplets.

  • Melt-Blown Cloth Layer

    Prevents entry of viral pathogens.

  • Antibacterial Layer

    Filters PM2.5 particulate matter.

  • Non-Woven Layer

    Filters finer dust particles & pollutants.

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Stay Protected Everywhere

Where To Wear
The KN95 Mask

With growing concerns and a spike in infections, protection is the only prevention, which makes wearing a KN95 mask a must when stepping out of the house.



Family Outings

Market Visit

Work Place

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Mask Protection Efficiency

KN95 Mask Vs
Other Masks

Find out how the KN95 Mask measures up to the other masks in the market and
what makes it the gold standard in protection.

  • 4-Protective Layers
  • Filtration
    Efficiency >95%
  • 0.3 Microns Filtering
  • Droplet Protection
  • Adjustable Nose Bridge


  • 95%

Surgical Mask

  • 70%

Cloth Mask

  • 40%

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A Brand You Can Trust

FDA Registered
KN95 Mask

The everyday KN95 Masks are FDA-Registered to meet PPE industry standards & Ships From U.S.A.

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How To Use KN95 Mask

Protection In
3 Simple Steps


Pull open mask to fit
the face


Gently press the nose clip to ensure no air leakage


Pull down the mask to ensure that it is sealed around

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